What is everyone doing?

It’s the “off season”.  Well, what does that mean?  After FBF’s first season finished in January 2001, everyone was a bit lost.  We were used to seeing each other every Saturday….talking and catching up on weekly “news” while we trained.  Now what were we to do?  That’s when “7 at 7” first started. The group begin “unofficially” meeting at 7:00 a.m., and training 7 miles. “Unofficially” means that there were no set routes, no official leaders, and no fluids on the course.

“7 at 7” continues in 2017, except  start times and mileage changes depending on your needs. Check out our facebook page to see what your friends are doing as far as mileage and start times. No matter what mileage you do or even if you sleep in, plan to head over to Skeeters (Lexington & Austin Parkway) to meet the group for breakfast on Saturdays. This is a great time to bring your family and friends to meet other “health minded” individuals, and let them see what FBF is all about.