Our Coaches

Paul Martin

Head Coach - Orange Group

I probably had the most surprising route to my first marathon. A friend of mine runs each year for a charity, and they had a slot free to run in the 2011 Chevron Houston Marathon. After months of saying “Hell No”, then “No”, then “Let Me Think About It”, then “Maybe”, I finally said “OK”. This lead me to Fort Bend Fit where I was taken under-wing by the coaches to prepare me for the race. Needless to say I survived my first marathon (finishing a whole 3 minutes before the cut-off) and then had to find out if it was a fluke or not. After 5 years I have to say I am addicted to FBF and running – it’s the positive can-do attitudes, the family-like friendships, and basic blood, sweat, and tears that make it worthwhile!  Since then I have completed six seasons with FBF, 10 marathons and all the training runs in between.

Needless to say behind every runner is a great support crew, mine takes the form of my wonderful wife Tanya and my children Glen and Emma (honorary Hydration Crew members). Having them there to scrape me off the road and cheer me along makes the difference!

I firmly believe there is a marathon inside of everyone, you do not need to be in perfect shape – I am a good example of this – it’s more about attitude and training. Trust me when I say this is a life changing experience, you will be amazed at what YOU CAN do! Running a full or half marathon is a journey, the reward is all the moments you share along the way as-well-as getting to the finish line. I look forward to seeing you out there, rain or shine!

We are very lucky to be supported by a great team of assistant coaches who bring many years of experience, fun running tales and good advice to keep you going strong.

Assistant Orange Coaches:

Myron Dianaska
Dustin (Dustinator) James
Laura Lessard
Vicki Margita
Tomi Scantlebury