Our Coaches

Cintia Listenbee

Head Coach - Orange Group

Hey Fort Bend Fit! I am so honored to serve you as a Coach! I’m Zeke’s wife and mother of three. I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m a publicist and a blogger. No matter where I am, my goal is to spread hope, one word at a time. I bet you’re wondering how I found Fort Bend Fit. Well, I found FBF when a running buddy was a no-show at Oyster Creek park at 5 am. Three Fort Bend Fit members were running through the park and they told me “you shouldn’t be running by yourself! If you follow us, we’re going to run with Fort Bend Fit.” I successfully “crashed” my first FBF run which was a 9-miler. I joined FBF that same week and I’ve been a member since that Fall of 2013. I run for fun. I tried to run for other reasons but it did not work for me. I find that if I have fun, my journey to the finish line is more rewarding. The USA Fit training plan has helped me complete multiple marathons, half-marathons and many distances in between. I believe it is more than a training schedule: it is a way of life that helps members thrive both on and off the track. Inspiring and motivating is what we do. Each week, Orange runners should expect to find a smile and a word of encouragement that will help them conquer the distance. They should expect practical advice on how to fit the weekly training in their schedules. We want to see you succeed and we are here to help. Our joy is to see you reach your goal, all while having fun along the way.

I believe in you,

Your Coach and Friend, Cintia

Assistant Orange Coaches:

Femi Ayada
Cindy Rendon
Sonya Edwards
Mabel Kelly