Advanced Training Program

The Advanced Training Program (ATP) was designed by Dr. Owen Anderson, one of the foremost coaches and researchers in the field of running, in conjunction with USA FIT.

This program was designed specifically for those runners who want to qualify for Boston or simply want a more intense training schedule. The core training philosophy embodied in this schedule emphasizes quality over quantity, because research has shown this to be the most effective way to train. It is not recommended that runners add significantly more total miles than are on the schedule. However, runners must carry out the intensive parts of the schedule in order to compensate for a larger mileage base.

The schedule is flexible, but it contains a strong backbone – a progression through general, special, specific, and explosive strength training and an intense focus on the demands of marathon running. It attempts to create the largest-possible improvements in vVO2max, lactate-threshold running speed, and running economy, as well as running-specific strength and power. These improvements are sought because they are the factors that best conform to success in marathon running.

It is assumed that the “ATP” runner has been training regularly before they start the training and can run about 30 miles per week without much trouble. There are also specific exercises including a special warm up which will be preformed each week. This is a strenuous schedule if done correctly and because of that, each participant must be aware of his/her body and how he/she is feeling.

This schedule will be used in conjunction with qualified coaching, and additional supplemental training materials. It is not recommended for the beginner runner.