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Susie Comstock and Stacy Garcia

Head Coach - Green Group


My running story is below but I want to begin with the amazing support our FBF family exemplifies;  April 15, 2013, eight of us from FBF ran the most (sadly) memorable Boston Marathon. No matter where we were located along the 26.2 mile run we were all affected that day by the two horrific bomb explosions at the the finish line.  Upon returning to Sugar Land, the following Saturday (although that time of year was considered our “off season”) over a hundred FBF members welcomed us home with a run/walk then breakfast in the parking lot!   Then five months later I was then diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer.  Again, the support from FBF was amazing!!  With friends & family like this, we can overcome so much ~ we can accomplish so much!!  
April 16, 2018 “Social” Dave & I ran The Boston Marathon, stopped at Mile 20 and got married!!  
Turning 40 years young brought me to begin training for my first marathon which was Houston in 2002!  With the support of my immediate family including my 3 children (at the time they were in elementary, middle & high school) and training with FBF, I was able to complete my first 26.2 miles. Then the challenge was tabled ~ a goal of running 50 marathons the year I turned 50 years young!   I was ecstatic when I completed my 50th marathon in Boston on April 18, 2011–I turned 50 years young on Sept. 7, 2011!!!!  Hooyah, reached that goal!

As of this writing I’ve run the following marathons (several many times):  Houston,  Austin,  San Antonio, Kingwood, Seabrook Surfside,  New York,  SugarLand,  Dallas,  Santa Rosa California, Buffalo New York, Marine Corp Washington, Gruene Texas,  Anchorage Alaska,  Rome Italy,  Woodland Washington, Charlevioux Michigan,  Bryan College Station, Jacksonville FL  Donna 26.2,  Eugene Oregon, Roscommon Ireland, Napa Valley California,  Chicago,  Erie Pennsylvania,  Sauvie Island OR, Tunnel Light Washington, Montana Mountain California, Los Angeles California, Rocky Raccoon & SunMart (both Ultra’s) & The Boston Marathon 15 consecutive years now = totaling 85 marathons, whew!  I have also completed 3 sprint Triathlons as well as a Half-Ironman Triathlon.

Our Blue/Greenie group has great fun training together & pushing each other to reach our personal goals!  What’s yours? We hope we can help YOU.  Come on out and enjoy the camaraderie…. We are and remain FBF STRONG!!  HOOYAH!!!!!!



I have been a runner since I was 28 years young, however the furthest I had run was a 10K. I am also a 4th grade teacher. Every year in class I would tell my students that someday I would run a marathon. In 2013, one of my student’s parents approached me. She shared that her daughter had told her of my goal. She then challenged me to bid on a silent auction item which included a FBF training membership and an entry into the USA Fit marathon at my school’s spring carnival. She boldly told me that I wasn’t getting any younger. She did not let me forget, so on the night of the carnival, I bid the minimum bid and left to complete my volunteer shift. At the end of the night, I was congratulated for winning the bid. Thus, in 2013 I began my journey. I remember feeling nervous and excited. Fort Bend Fit welcomed me with open arms. I fell in love with the Fort Bend Fit family and the training program. I completed my first marathon and was hooked. Since then,  I have completed 7 full marathons, including the Boston Marathon in 2017 and countless halves. FBF will help you reach your running goals and challenge you to move beyond. 

Besides running with FBF, I cosponsor a running club at my elementary school. I challenge the students to set running/walking goals for themselves. We discuss how hard work, determination, and believing in oneself can help you accomplish any goal. I have been married for 25 years to JB who supports my crazy early morning runs. We have 4 children who range in age from 9 to 22. My youngest is a member of the running club at school and may also have the running gene. Time will tell.  

Whether you are training for your 1st marathon or 100th, I look forward to running with you. So, come join our family. You won’t regret it.

Great Blue & Greenie Assistant Coaches
“Social Dave” Comstock, “Go Taiwan” Allen Wu,
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