Saturday, July 18, FBF News

Hey FBF Members!!!

Welcome to our newest members! Check out your start times on the website  If you are unsure of your pace group, scroll down on the schedule page and you will see pace definitions for the color groups.

Saturday: We meet in front of Star Cinema Grill. Arrive 10 minutes before your start time and park away from the businesses (after all didn’t you join the group for mileage?). Bring your hydration system (as simple as a bottle of water), a towel, and a dry shirt for after the run/walk. Remember, we have fluids on the route but NO cups.

Shirts: After the run/walk, you can order or pick up your coolmax training shirt or singlet. You can order your shirt online at or you can order it Saturday in person – it costs a buck extra to order in person ($23.00). We will make a final order of shirts next week. We are currently out of women’s large shirts. If you want that size, you need to order it by Wednesday as we will place one more order with our manufacturer.

Thursday July 23rd: Freshman Class/New Member 2nd orientation night at Iron Strength Kettlebell Gym. 6-7:30pm.

FBF Registration: Still open. Have a friend or family member a tiny bit interested? Get them to come out Saturday and try out the group before the mileage starts to rise.

Hoo Yah!
Coach Terrie

Routes for Saturday:
3 Mile

Leave Star Cinema parking lot and right on Dulles Take Dulles (west side across from CVS) to entrance of Oyster Creek Park Enter park and run to water fountain (near bridge at HWY 6 entrance) Make U turn and run back to Dulles Turn right on Dulles and back to Star Cinema
Purple 5 miles

Leave the parking lot by Star Cinema towards the entrance behind Spring Creek BBQ & to Colonial Lakes Drive and cross to opposite sidewalk Turn left on Colonial Lakes drive to Cartwright Rd Turn right on Cartwright rd to concrete trail on right just after the YMCA and before the bridge.
Proceed down the trail under bridge until reaching Murphy Road Bridge Make a U-turn and re-trace route following trail under Cartwright Follow trail to Dulles Turn left on Dulles to Cartwright Turn left on Cartwright to Colonial Lakes Turn right on Colonial lakes and back to Star Cinema
Orange 5 miles

Leave Star Cinema parking lot and right on Dulles Turn right on Cartwright Turn Left on Brightwater to Lexington Turn Left on Lexington to Dulles Turn left on Dulles to Oyster Creek Trail on left Turn left on Oyster Creek Trail to Cartwright Turn right on Cartwright to Dulles Turn left on Dulles and back to Star Cinema

Red 5 miles

Leave Star Cinema parking lot and right on Dulles Take Dulles sidewalk furthest from CVS Turn left on Plantation Colony Drive (loop) Turn left Dulles to Oyster Creek Park Turn left into Oyster Creek Park Follow Oyster Creek Park trail past common area to small bridge U-Turn and head back including Plantation Colony Loop

Yellow 5 miles

Leave Star Cinema parking lot and turn right on Dulles Turn Left on Lexington Turn left on Settlers Way Turn Left on Lost Creek Park Turn right upon entering parking lot Turn left on path to Oyster Creek Park Turn Right on Oyster Creek Park trail to Dulles Turn righ on Dulles and back to Star Cinema

Green 6 miles

Leave Star Cinema parking lot and turn left on Dulles across Hwy 6 Take Austin Parkway to Cross Lakes Blvd Turn left on Cross lakes Blvd to right on Riverstone Blvd Take Riverstone Blvd to right on Lakestone Blvd Turn right on Brazos Bend Dr to left on Double lake Dr Take Double Lake Drive to Austin Pkwy and turn left Follow Austin Pakwy to Mesquite Dr and U-turn Take Austin Pkwy back to Star Cinema

Blue 7 miles

Left out of Star Cinema across Highway 6 on Austin Parkway to Commonwealth Left on Commonwealth to Palm Royale Right on Palm Royale to Sweetwater Right on Sweetwater to Austin Parkway Right on Austin Parkway back to Star Cinema