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In every action there’s opportunity, and in every opportunity there’s potential for a brighter future.
When we collaborate, we break down barriers, secure human dignity and unlock our true potential.
Polygon HQ exists to help reach every person their optimal health and create a better future.
Parth Shah, Co Founder & Doctor of Physical Therapy — is a standing leader for that vision at Polygon. For him, to be able to make an everlasting change in someone’s mindset is the greatest way to create change in someone’s health and movement. His pursuit to help build a foundation for his patients comes form the core teachings of his Guru — In the joy of others lies our own.
Parth received his doctorate from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. His specialties include sports and orthopedic rehabilitation, vestibular and balance training, pre and post operative rehabilitation, functional movement assessments and analysis, and health and wellness screenings. Parth has worked with a vast majority of clients from 2-3 month old babies to 90+ year old patients. Working in a team setting and collaborating with various health professionals he is able to find the right treatment and plan for each and every client.
16255 Kensington Drive,
Sugar Land, TX 77479