Our Coaches

Darwin Williamson

Head Coach - Blue Group

I used to dislike running. It was a few friends that convinced me to do some 5K Fun Runs back in the mid 90s that got me interested in running. After seeing a flier at the gym about a marathon training group that was forming in the area called Fort Bend Fit, I decided I would check it out. That was the inaugural year for Fort Bend Fit. Initially, I had intended on only running the marathon once and then being done with it. But after making new friends in Fort Bend Fit and having a positive experience at the Compaq Houston Marathon in 2001, breaking 4 hours, I decided that I could do even better and have been a member of Fort Bend Fit every year since. I was the Blue Coach for several years in the past, but had to step back from coaching when my work schedule made it too difficult for me to give it the proper amount of time and dedication that was required. I am happy to be back to coaching. I have completed multiple marathons, including Boston, and ultramarathons in several states and different countries and have also completed several triathlons including two Ironman Triathlons.