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Center for Optimal Performance and Excellence – COPE

Mental skills Training for Athletes/Mental Toughness Training for Road Warriors


What we learn in life can be applied to Running/sports; at the same time, what we learn in Running/sport can be applied to life.  Therein lies the importance of mental skills.  If any of these situations are appropos for you, you will definitely benefit from mental skills training:

An important job interview

performing in/auditioning for a symphony/ role in dance or theater production

giving class/work presentation/giving a talk to PTA or other group

Testifying in court/taking a drivers’ exam

Taking a high-stakes exam:  SAT, LSAT, GRE, MCAT, Bar exam

Doing brain surgery/landing an airplane/firefighting/rock/mountain climbing

participating in military or police attack

The list is endless, because people find themselves in situations where they must perform at an optimal level under high pressure.  Performers, including athletes/runners have to get their head out of their way so that their body can do what it is trained to do.  They must learn to focus, cope, and excel in highly stressful situations.

At COPE we provide mental skills training to athletes, performing artists, business leaders, and professionals in high risk occupations.  Contact me for an initial, no cost consultation.

Myron Dianiska, MS, LPC

Phone:  832-605-5691


Website: http://yourmentaledge.blogspot.com/
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