Our Coaches

Melinda Phillips

Head Coach - Yellow Group and New Members

This will be my fifth season with FBF. I’ve completed two Chevron Houston Marathons, one
USA Fit Marathon – Sugar Land and the Big Sur Marathon in California.  I’ve also done nine
half marathons. My favorite race so far was in Big Sur, and I loved every minute of those
glorious views of the Pacific Ocean.

When I joined FBF, I knew literally one person in the group. It was sort of terrifying
to join and not know really anyone, and actually it is one of my proudest accomplishments that
I completed that first season and was able to say I met a few people and completed a half
marathon. I remember well what that first season felt like, both with trying to get to know
people and learn all about running. Since then, I have become a passionate runner, and I’m
looking forward to sharing some of these things I’ve learned.

I have three grown kids and two dogs, and a husband, Ken, who runs with FBF when he’s not
“broken”. We live in Richmond, and I work at Sugar Creek Baptist Church in the Children’s Ministry.

In the past, I’ve struggled with IT band injuries, Achilles Tendonitis, and a strained
hamstring. I’ve become a big believer in taking care of my body and trying to avoid injury!
My goal this season is to complete another marathon and a few more half marathons along the way!

I’m looking forward to running with the yellow group this year!!