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Linda Calles

Head Coach - Red Group

I started running as a kid and was no good at it back then.  I was the clumsiest kid in
school. One of my 4th grade teachers continuously told me I would never run a mile
within the 45 minute class time.  That sticks in your head when you are little. Through-
out high school my parents always forced me to run 3 miles a day at 5 a.m. before I ever
started school.  I swore I would never run one more mile after I left their house! I started
my first real job after college when I was 25 and joined their running team. I was once
again running and now no longer living with my parents.  One of my coworkers soon asked
why I had never run a marathon if I ran 9 miles daily.  I told her there was no way I could do
that.  She asked me to join FBFit.  I joined that first year attempting to run a half marathon
but ran a full marathon instead!  I was hooked! Many half marathons, full marathons and 4
ultra-marathons later, I am happy and humbled to impart the knowledge I have learned
over the many years I have been running.  Oh and Mr. 4th Grade Teacher, you were right…
I was not meant to run a mile, I was meant to run many! Thanks to those words I kept
pushing harder to achieve my goals and help others attain their running goals and dreams
as well.  Positive thinking achieves positive results! NEVER GIVE UP! : )


Fort Bend Fit is proud to recognize Linda as their 2016 Road Warrior

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